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10.28.2005 @ 2:30am


This past week's events:

10/19: Ron and Harry hold Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts

10/20: Kevin Entwhistle wants to score some of Ainsley's "goods" and meets with her in the Ravenclaw Common Room

10/21: Camden Urquhart and Tracey Davis head to the kitchens for desert. Left alone with their sweets, things begin to get a bit...naughty. [Soon to be NC-17]

10/22: Hogsmeade Weekend has arrived, and the students are busy purchasing their costumes and visiting their favorite shops

10/22: Susan Bones sends an owl to Professor Tonks, asking her to be faculty mentor for the Thespian society. She also owls Demelza Robbins and Blaise Zabini about the Defense Against the Dark Arts study groups

10/25: Ainsley Runcor owls Neville Longbottom to ask when their Defense Against the Dark Arts study group is meeting

10/25: Susan Bones sends an owl to Headmistress McGonagall asking for permission to set up a student study group

10/27: Susan Bones owls fliers for her student study group to the House Prefects, with the hopes that they post them on the notice boards

10/27: Vicky Frobisher owls Headmistress McGonagall to let her know that Tonks has agreed to act as their faculty mentor for the thespian society

10/27: Percy Weasley owls Lilith Yaxley, offering to have the house elves ready anything needed for her appearance at the ball

10/27: Headmistress McGonagall posts notices on the Dormitory doors confronting the recent whining the mandatory ball has produced

Other News:

The roles of Severus Snape, Fleur Delacour-Weasley, Romilda Vane, Lavender Brown, and Seamus Finnigan have been filled, so we welcome those players to the game.

This weekend is our Halloween Ball! There are a few surprises in store, so don't miss it.

Also, if you plan on attending Lumos next summer, reply here for a possible meetup there

10.20.2005 @ 5:09pm


This Past Week's Events

10/13: Rupert Stebbins visits Susan Bones in the Hospital Wing. They get emotional and all couple-y.

10/14: Hermione Granger tries to bond with Ron by attempting to understand his #1 hobby: Quidditch. Hermione eventually crashes, and the pair talk about their fears and worries concerning the future.

10/15: Susan Bones is released from the Hospital Wing and chats with Zacharias. They take a walk and discuss politics and battle strategies.

10/15: Harry Potter owls McGonagall about starting up something similar to the DA again.

10/16: Millicent Bulstrode bullies some first years and is interrupted by Camden Urquhart. He makes fun of her and Pansy Parkinson intervenes, getting very mad at him for it. There's also a little Quidditch talk.

10/16: Fenrir Greyback gives a motivational speech to the werewolves as the full moon approaches.

10/16: Susan Bones tries to tutor Demelza Robbins and Kevin Entwhistle in the Patronus Charm.

10/16: Victoria Frobisher owls McGonagall about reforming some other student organizations such as the Dueling Club.

10/16: Neville Longbottom owls Su Li, Camden Urquhart, and Ginny Weasley about their study group.

10/16: Theodore Nott needs some "me time" and heads to the lake, but there's an interruption, because there always is. Ainsley Runcor is skipping stones with the Giant Squid, they snipe at eachother, Ainsley gets stoned and then by fateful impulse so does Theodore. Whackiness ensues. (NC-17)

10/16: Harry Potter posts a notice about the DA around the school and in the Common Rooms. Student response varies.

10/17: Ginny Weasley and Dean Thomas play an awkward game of Gobstones, and Victoria Frobisher makes an appearance.

10/17: Having discovered Harry’s plans to make Ron co-captain, Demelza chucks an infamous fit and storms out to the quidditch pitch, flying high as she calls Harry’s mother a deadwood tree with the mind of a half masticated squirrel. Guest appearances by Ainsley Runcor and Dean Thomas.

10/17: Ron Weasley posts a notice about Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts.

10/17: McGonagall owls the Trio about accompanying her to the latest Order meeting.

10/17: Camden Urquhart and Morag Macdougal meet up. Camden tries to make amends and ends up asking her to the ball.

10/17: Percy Weasley lays the smackdown on his NEWT DADA class for their lack of progress with Patronus Charms. New study groups are formed.

10/17: McGonagall and the Trio go to the Order meeting.

10/18: Dean Thomas and Ainsley Runcor make a drug deal.

10/18: Susan Bones and Rupert Stebbins meet up in the Room of Requirement for more Patronus practice. He conjures a python and creeps out Susan.

10/19: Camden while hanging around the common room discusses Quidditch with Millicent, which leads them to the Quidditch pitch so Millicent can show if she's any good. Later on he plans to meet Theodore on the Quidditch pitch. Once meeting Theodore, they are to talk about their oh so dark, mysterious ways.

Other News

We no longer have a Severus Snape or Mandy Brocklehurst. We desperately need to re-cast the former.

Blaise Zabini, Ginny Weasley, and Luna Lovegood have joined the cast.

The master list of costumes is not completed. Attendance is mandatory, so if you're part of the game and have not responded yet, you really ought to.

10.13.2005 @ 3:53pm

Incarcerous Newsletter #003

This Weeks Past Events:

10/8: Hermione goes to Headmistress McGonagall's office to discuss the fate of Severus Snape's old Potions textbook. They discuss the spells used last year by Harry and the modifications made to the book. Hermione then gathers the courage to ask McGonagall why she was not chosen as Head Girl.

10/9: Susan Bones and Rupert Stebbins eat dinner in The Great Hall and share their personal histories. The return to the Hufflepuff Common Room, where they enjoy eachothers company a bit more than usual.

10/9: Camden Urquhart and Morag McDougal share cookies and verbal sparring in front of the lake. Their quips serve to feel out what they really think about eachother.

10/10: Dean Thomas owls Headmistress McGonagall, informing her that he has convinced his mother to allow him to return to Hogwarts.

10/10: Percy Weasley escorts Dean Thomas from the Hogwart's gate, and they discuss Percy's appointment to Hogwarts, and being the Head of Gryffindor house.

10/10: Ainsley Runcor attempts to create a potion with the stolen plant from Greenhouse Five, with disasterous results. Headmistress McGonagall attempts to learn what occured.

10/11: Headmistress McGonagall owls Severus Snape with the Order's decision concerning his claims. Severus continues to plead his case to McGonagall, who is proving difficult to convince.

10/11: Ron's Defense Against the Dark Arts Patronus study group, consisting of Wayne and Pansy, meets by the lake.

10/12: Dean Thomas and Demelza Robbins meet for flying practice on the Quidditch Pitch. They take begin to practice Quidditch and Demelza is impressed by Dean's ability.

10/12: Harry Potter owls Headmistress McGonagall to request that he be allowed to join the Order. McGonagall agrees, but admits that the order is disorganized and will not be meeting in the near future. Harry is in turn upset by the lack of haste that he feels the situation requires.

10/12: Hermione, Ron, and Harry meet in the Prefects bathroom, as they have a lot of catching up to do.

Other News:

The roles of Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Dean Thomas, Lilith Yaxley, and Millicent Bullstrode have been filled, so we welcome those players to the game. Unfortunately, we no longer have a Blaise Zabini or Hannah Abbott.

The Mods have added an archive of particularly funny moments from the RPG, in which you can nominate your favorite funny character interaction. These can be viewed in this community, Here.

Our Hogwarts students will be attending a Halloween Ball! The costume details have been decided, so now our players must decide what they wish their characters to dress as. Please refer to this post to view the costume details. Also detailed in this post is a discussion of clubs at Hogwarts this year, and which will be offered.

Memories [
10.12.2005 @ 9:36am


10.07.2005 @ 2:28pm


The Past Week's Events

9/30: Hermione Granger, Camden Urquhart, Demelza Robbins, Ainsley Runcor, Theodore Nott, and Ron Weasley pack into the Infirmary after the catastrophic DADA lesson

10/02: Percy Weasley and Bill Weasley meet up at the Three Broomsticks and talk

10/02: Narcissa Malfoy owls Bellatrix Lestrange to reschedule their meeting due to illness

10/02: Camden Urquhart and Ron Weasley play a bit of Quidditch

10/03: Pansy Parkinson and Ron Weasley run into eachother while doing prefect rounds

10/04: Rupert Stebbins, Susan Bones, Tracey Davis, and Daphne Greengrass run into eachother at the Library

10/05: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Parvati Patil chat in the Gryffindor Common Room

10/05: Percy Weasley continues Patronuses and forces the students into unlikely study groups

10/06: Hermione Granger owls Minerva McGonagall regarding possible contact from Severus Snape

10/06: The Order of the Phoenix meets and discusses, specifically regarding Severus Snape

10/06: Susan Bones meets with Rupert Stebbins in the Room of Requirement to tutor him in Patronus Charms

Other News

We no longer have a Luna Lovegood, Pomona Sprout, or Seamus Finnigan. We are still actively seeking to cast Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Victoria Frobisher (Gryffindor) has joined the game.

10.01.2005 @ 12:57pm


The Past Week's Events

9/23: Percy Weasley holds the first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson, teaches about Inferi

9/24: Camden Urquhart flirts with half of Slytherin House

9/26: Ainsley Runcor bothers Theodore Nott in the Library

9/26: Bellatrix Lestrange sends an owl to Narcissa Malfoy about Draco

9/26: Mandy Brocklehurst and Su Li wander the Hogwarts grounds, gossip, and discuss Quidditch

9:26: Morag Macdougal studies and is harassed; Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley fight

9/27: Tracey Davis and Theodore Nott work on the Inferi essay

9/28: Horace Slughorn sends out the first Slug Club invitation

9/28: Ainsley Runcor and Theodore Nott break into Greenhouse Five

9/29: Pansy Parkinson tries to get a favor from Blaise Zabini

9/30: Ainsley Runcor gets visitors in the Hospital Wing

9/30: Percy Weasley teaches his NEWT DADA class the Patronus Charm

Other News

We lost our players for Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy and are now actively seeking to re-cast.

Fenrir Greyback (Death Eater), Rupert Stebbins (Hufflepuff), Susan Bones (Hufflepuff), Hermione Granger (Gryffindor), Kevin Entwhistle (Ravenclaw), Bill Weasley (Order of the Phoenix), Morag Macdougal (Ravenclaw), Rabastan Lestrange (Death Eater), and Camden Urquhart (Slytherin) joined the cast.

09.30.2005 @ 4:04pm

Testing, testing. Eli and Nikki, you guys should both have posting access, so all of the modly triumvirate can post here. I'm not 100% sure of the kind of format we should use, so we can probably just treat this as a free-for-all until we decide on what we like the best. We should probably start doing the memories, too.

Uhm, yeah. Go Incarcerous!
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08.22.2005 @ 12:44am


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We will be holding an INCARCEROUS NEWSLETTER that will be posted via LJ so you can keep track of the RPG on your Livejournal friends lists!

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