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We've decided to start compiling Incarcerous memories- a compiliation of particularly noteworthy moments. If there's something in the RPG that you've particularly enjoyed or found really funny, contact a mod and we'll archive it here.

In which Pansy Parkinson harasses Ginny Weasley on her journal Demelza Robins steps in.


"Wow, Pansy! Understandable- a five syllable word! Have you been practicing, now, tell the truth, did your mummy bring out the alphabet blocks just for you?"


In which Morag Macdougal pokes fun at Camden Urquhart for his Patronus taking the form of a peacock.


"It's not the patronus itself that matters, it's the accomplishing of it. I'm fine with the peacock, it's an attractive bird. The other birds are probably very jealous of it. It doesn't make me less of a man, I assure you."


In which Pansy Parkinson replies to Ron Weasley's attempt to organize a study-time for the study groups that the DADA Professor, Percy Weasley, forced onto them.



How does 'when Hell freezes over' sound? Oh, wait, your entirely mad brother is on a power trip to end all power trips, and is handing out detentions like your family pops out children. As I'd rather not spend any more time with Granger, I'll pass on the detention that I know the egomaniacal twit is itching to give out. So, Monday evening will suffice for my own private Hell a study session. I do hope you have an idea of where to practice, because I am not setting foot in your most likely mange-infested common room, and the thought of you actually entering the Slytherin common room is making me feel slightly ill.

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